OpenELEC, another lightweight media center for Raspberry PI Zero W

Aprart from OSMC, which has been showed in my previous article (see here), a second one can be OpenELEC. I was courious to give it a try on my PI Zero W because it is well reviewed from internet users. What do you need HARDWARE Raspberry PI zero W kit (including at least also case,... Continue Reading →


Containers over Raspberry PI with Docker, RancherOS and Portainer

Today's computer world is experiencing a new concept of thinking apps and how to deploy them. Old application practices were focused on stacks created over a complete machine (phisical or virtual). This approach has demonstrated to lead some concerns regarding resources use, infra-application conflicts and poor development flexibility management. Containers have born to help developers... Continue Reading →

Solo mining versus pool mining

About blockchain Before comparing the two ways of participating to cryptocoins mining, let's explain what mining is. This article is unrelated to which cryptocoin you are going to mine and actually depends on how Blockchain (that is the communication protocol under Cryptocoins) works. As referred by Wikipedia (se here to read the complete page), blockchain... Continue Reading →

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